Meet Your Maker
Albin Looström, Alfred Boman, Emanuel Röhss, Jim Thorell, Karl Norin, Lisa Trogen Devgun, Max Ronnersjö, Zoe Barcza

Curated by Jim Thorell
28.08.2014 — 29.09.2014


Take a bath (or a nice shower) at the right temperature for about 30 minutes, close your eyes and think about the dissolution waiting ahead, feel the motion of the water when you move a little. Make sure that on such a day, you don’t confront yourself with too much information, get through the first hours of the day with no internet, TV etc and avoid too much brain activity in general. Don an elegant indoor suit, e.g. corduroy velvet pants of a very deep sea-green and a jacket of hazel calamanco. Eat a healthy breakfast. Possible Affirmations:  I am an extremely talented artist; My creativity is boundless; My mind is always thinking creatively; I translate life into art.


Give your inner critic the boot! Try singing or humming a favorite song while you move around your workspace. Try a yoga pose or a little Tai Chi. Dance a bit. Laugh and show your pretty teeth. Accept and allow your responses to flow around you like water, even when they are painful. Release yourself. A humble mindset, and completely draining any tension out of your body and mind, are the conditions that lie most in line with the flowing of the energy fields. Your locomotion is completely as an alien or natural robot, feel the mucus on your head and hands. Possible Affirmations:  I am starting to feel more and more creative; I am starting to see the artistic potential in everyday occurrences; I will creatively express the deeper meanings of life.


The peak of meeting your maker is when you literally do not care anymore whether you’ll return back to a proper cognitive perception, or not. Fling the maker’s brains into the air and they become the clouds. (Remember, florists’ shops never have iron bars; no one wants to steal flowers…) There’s no fear anymore to lose the connection with the slumbering commitment you never actually chose through a conscious will. Take your knife, sink it into the black forest cake and cut it clean in two. Inside you will find a syllabus of influential blogs and two tickets to a Drake concert. Try to enjoy the beauty and frailty, everything that falls into your eyesight, overpowers amazement. Possible Affirmations: I am a natural born painter; I love being creative and expressing myself; Being highly creative and artistic is just my normal everyday life; I can touch people’s souls with the power of my art.


Text: Zoe Barcza


Albin Looström (b. 1984 Göteborg, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm), Alfred Boman (b. 1981 Luleå, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm), Jim Thorell (b.1981 Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm), Karl Norin (b. 1982 Fjällbacka, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm), Lisa Trogen Devgun (b. 1984 Norrköping, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm), Max Ronnersjö (b. 1984 Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm), and Zoe Barcza (b.1984 Toronto, Canada. Lives and works in Stockholm).