Piotr Łakomy’s work concerns formal experiments and conceptual explorations of objects according to their spatial limits, surface features and material properties. The immediate presence of each piece and the way that they interact with each other, the surrounding architecture, the light and space, and ultimately an audience, is pivotal to the understanding of his work. A significant role is also played through the employment of used materials, from their industrial origin to their physical properties. Of equal importance is the social context in which these materials function in everyday life – the nature of the relationship they establish between humans and their surroundings, environment, the earth and the sky. Łakomy often operates with light and its various artificial sources, using and interpreting it in different ways; as an energy and information carrier, as a space developing and life-giving factor, all the while revealing poetic consequences of nonhuman actors’ standby mode.

Piotr Łakomy (B. 1983) lives and works in Poznań, Poland. He received his Master of Fine Arts at Faculty of Arts of the University of Zielona Góra, Poland. Recent solo exhibitions include: SoazioA, Pistoia, IT (2015); Endless Room, BWA Zielona Góra, PL (2015); Tomorrow will be smaller, Stereo, Warsaw, PL (2014). Among the last group exhibitions he has taken part there are: Views 2015 – Deutsche Bank Award, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PL (2015); σ, Hester, New York, US (2015); John, The Sunday Painter, London, UK (2015); Aluminium Song, Raster, Warsaw, PL (2014); Private Settings, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, PL (2014); The Space Between Us, Fahrenheit, Los Angeles, US (2014).