Carl Kostyál Gallery | London | Stockholm 

The Hungarian Swedish-born Carl Kostyál opened his eponymous gallery at no. 12A Savile Row, London W1, in 2010 and at Isbrytaren, Igeldammsgatan 20, Stockholm, in 2013.

Over the last decade, Carl Kostyál has become a significant presence on the London and Stockholm cultural landscape, known for supporting artists early on in their careers with key solo exhibitions, among them Gina Beavers, Canyon Castator, Sara Cwynar, Peter Coffin, Alex Da Corte, Petra Cortright, Oli Epp, Ryan Estep, Al Freeman, Alexander Guy, Charles Harlan, John Henderson, Yu Honglei, Alex Israel, Basil Kincaid, Piotr Lakomy, Austin Lee, David Ostrowski, Jon Rafman, Mandy El Sayegh, Yves Scherer, Gedi Sibony, Li Shurui, Timur Si Qin and Austyn Weiner.

The Gallery has also helped to re-ignite interest in the work of already long-established artists such as Imre Bak, Dóra Maurer, John Millei, Peter Schuyff and Jan Ziemski with solo presentations of their work in London.

Upcoming solo exhibitions in 2021 in London & Stockholm include Ana Benaroya, Marcus Brutus, Canyon Castator, Alejandro Cardenas, Buck Ellison, Camilla Engstrom, Oli Epp, Arghavan Khosravi, Austin Lee + Mark Thomas Gibson, Rebecca Ness, Emma Stern, Szabolcs Bozo, Felix Treadwell and Emma Webster.

Continuing Carl Kostyál’s history of staging ambitious group exhibitions, in spring 2021 the Gallery will stage ‘Stockholm Sessions’, a dynamic international survey of contemporary painting with over 50 participating artists.

The Gallery has helped facilitate acquisitions for the Moderna Museet Stockholm permanent collection by Dóra Maurer, Imre Bak, Alex Israel, Joe Bradley, Helen Marten, Austin Lee, Timur Si Qin, Petra Cortright, Katja Novitskova, Oscar Murillo, Yngve Holen, Matias Faldbakken, Jon Rafman and Fredrik Vaerslev, among others.

Further cementing its presence on the Swedish art scene, in spring 2021, the Gallery will open the doors to its new permanent space in Stockholm, HOSPITALET, housed in the former 18th century mental asylum Danvikens Hospital on Näcka Strand, Stockholm. The former hospital site is owned by AB Gullringsbo, and will house rotating installations from their contemporary art collection in addition to Carl Kostyál’s exhibition programme.

In the spirit of bringing artists together and creating opportunities for critical friendships and alliances to form, the Gallery runs two invitational artist residency programmes, Fontana di Vita in Matera, Basilicata, and CARs at Mohilef Studios in Los Angeles, in collaboration with artist Canyon Castator, and an invitational Draw Jam each summer in the south of Italy, where over twenty artists are invited and hosted by the Gallery to draw together for five days, culminating in a local exhibition.


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