Stockholm Sessions

07.05.2021 — 30.05.2021
Hospitalet, Stockholm. ADDRESS: Sjökvarnsbacken 15, 131 71 Nacka Stockholm. By car: Drive to the end of Saltsjöqvarns Kaj. By boat: From Nybroplan, take SL commuter boat 80 from 16 minutes to Saltsjöqvarn. By bus: To Henriksdal.
  • Diana Yesenia  Alvarado
  • Hangama Amiri
  • Amanda Baldwin
  • Gina Beavers
  • Ana Benaroya
  • Szabolcs Bozó
  • Andrea Marie Breiling
  • Coady Brown
  • Marcus Brutus
  • Alejandro Cardenas
  • Shawanda Corbett
  • Jingze Du
  • Camilla Engström
  • Oli Epp
  • Francesca Facciola
  • Liam Fallon
  • Marcela Flórido
  • Alex Gardner
  • Jan Gatewood
  • Alfonso Gonzalez Jr.
  • Jenna Gribbon
  • Alexander Guy
  • Daniel Heidkamp
  • Jocelyn Hobbie
  • Cathrin Hoffmann
  • Sam Jablon
  • Kara Joslyn
  • Susumu Kamijo
  • Arghavan Khosravi
  • Hannah  Lupton Reinhard
  • Chason Matthams
  • Daniele Milvio
  • Rebecca Ness
  • Ariana Papademetropoulos
  • Harrison Pearce
  • Joshua Petker
  • César Piette
  • Edgar Plans
  • Jesse Pollock
  • Paul Rouphail
  • Conrad Ruiz
  • Wahab Saheed
  • Christian Santiago
  • Koichi Sato
  • Benjamin Spiers
  • Emma Stern
  • Yitian Sun
  • Yongqing Tan
  • Constance Tenvik
  • Felix Treadwell
  • Jess Valice
  • Emma Webster
  • Hampus Wernemyr
  • Brittney Leeanne Williams
  • Tyrrell Winston
  • Jon Young
  • Allison Zuckerman

Sjökvarnsbacken 15
131 71 Näcka

Exhibition dates:  6th – 30th May 2021

Opening hours: Thursday – Friday 12–6pm, Saturday – Sunday 12–4pm
To visit the show, please book your appointment via email at

By boat: From Nybroplan, take SL commuter boat 80 from 16 minutes to Saltsjöqvarn
By bus: To Henriksdal
By car: Drive to the end of Saltsjöqvarns Kaj.



We are delighted to announce the launch of Carl Kostyál’s new permanent space Hospitalet, in collaboration with Gullringsbo Konstsamling at the former Danvikens Hospital, Danviken, Stockholm.

The inaugural exhibition is a comprehensive survey of contemporary painting entitled Stockholm Sessions.  Taking its title from the famous Stockholm Jazz Sessions of the 1960s, the exhibition features over fifty artists and it will be open from 7th  to 30th May 2021.


Diana Yesenia Alvarado, Hangama Amiri, Amanda Baldwin, Gina Beavers, Ana Benaroya, Szabolcs Bozó, Andrea Marie Breiling, Coady Brown, Marcus Brutus, Alejandro Cardenas, Shawanda Corbett, Jingze Du, Camilla Engström, Oli Epp, Francesca Facciola, Liam Fallon, Marcela Flórido, Alex Gardner, Jan Gatewood, Alfonso Gonzalez Jr., Jenna Gribbon, Alexander Guy, Daniel Heidkamp, Jocelyn Hobbie, Cathrin Hoffmann, Sam Jablon, Kara Joslyn, Susumu Kamijo, Arghavan Khosravi, Hannah Lupton Reinhard, Chason Matthams, Daniele Milvio, Rebecca Ness, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Harrison Pearce, Joshua Petker, César Piette, Edgar Plans, Jesse Pollock, Paul Rouphail, Conrad Ruiz, Wahab Saheed, Christian Santiago, Koichi Sato, Benjamin Spiers, Emma Stern, Constance Tenvik, Felix Treadwell, Jess Valice, Emma Webster, Hampus Wernemyr, Brittney Leeanne Williams, Tyrrell Winston, Sun Yitian, Tan Yongqing, Jon Young, Allison Zuckerman.


Hospitalet is located in the central atrium of what was once the infamous mental asylum known as Danvikens Hospital. Designed by the architect Göran Josuæ Adelcrantz and completed in 1725, it housed not only those considered mentally unstable but also many whose political views were considered inconvenient. Often referenced in 18th century literature, most notably in Fältskärns berättelser by Zacharias Topelius in the 1780s, danviken was used in common parlance as a synonym for the mad house.



Photography ©Carl Kostyál (August Eriksson)